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Eurovision Song Contest 2011

Jesus, i dont have an idea why i do watch that show...

wanted to watch TrueBlood, but for a stupid reason i decided to watch ESC tho... cause all talks about it and so i thought, go and watch it also to gossip with the others.

now i wait for the voting.. and i do hope.. NOT for another Lena victory again. Dont like her creepy voice and weird raindance..  still dont get the thing that she won last year... well good tastes are so different tho. i like this years Denmarks, Iceland and even Austria's song.. not that bad, Sweden was fine too.. even Romania.

So i wait now for the final voting... !!!

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Thread: Über (about me)

.... is filled out ....
if you have any questions, don't hestimate to mail me

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Holidays soon....

my summer holidays 2011 moves closer now...
i'll be off to Stockholm in June for a week... can't wait for it.. never been there before..
so if there are any tipps and advices, don't hestimate mailing me

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norwegian skijumping into a new challenge ?

after following article
the new austrian headcoach Alexander Stöckl wants to announce then nationalteam after the norsk sommerhoppuke mid june.

in my mind, its good that theres finally some new moves at the norwegian skijumping - fresh blood - brings fresh an new ideas. i think it was neccessary for long time with a change of the headcoach. Maybe also some change with athletes in the nationalteam and COC team.
also in my opinion less stronger athletes stuck too long in the A-Team and good jumpers from COC didn't get more changes to compete for the A-Team.
So lets hope Alex and Magnus (support of nationalcoach) will make a good and fair choice.


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something very important...

A nice norwegian skijumper which has diabetes needs your vote for some foundation from bayer diabetes. so please vote for atle pedersen rønsen. the voting still runs until may 15th.


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Welcome ;)

Welcome to my private Blog..

I want to post my opinion, pics, ideas...

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